Friday, March 22, 2013

Hey, I was using that!

So Google, in an effort to "improve" things, is shutting down Google Reader in July of this year. Don't they know that I am using that to keep track of all of the blogs of friends and family. I am a little upset about this discontiunation for a number of reasons. There are good reasons that I took blogs off of my sidebar and started using Google reader to begin with.

1- Google reader is a place that I could go and have all of the 50+ blogs I was interested in together.
 (Not that big a deal since having them linked to my blog does the same thing.)
2- Google reader told me when new posts were made on each of those blogs. (Apparently a list in my sidebar can do that too.)
3- Google reader also made those blogs disappear off the list when I had read the new content.
4- The blogs I read are for my eyes only.

I have some people in my blog list that would like to have a private blog, without going private.  In other words they try to keep their names off of their blogs. Then there are those who don't want people to know that they even have a blog. They could be in my reader list without other people knowing that they have a blog.

Somehow I need to transport all of my blogs to the sidebar again so that I don't lose them. I don't know how to input them so that I can tell who they belong to, but I want to respect the privacy of those friends. Curse you Google for complicating my life! I liked things fine just the way they were! I could bookmark all of these blogs, but that wouldn't tell me if new content had been added. Google reader was doing exactly what I needed it to do. Maybe for now I'll just throw them in by their given blog name. Suggestions would be much appreciated, especially from friends who care about how your blog shows up on my list. You can email me or send me a private message on facebook about it.


H.Cook said...

Check this out, Skye, for Google Reader replacements:

Good luck! :)

Alan and Jennifer Walton said...

I'm frustrated too.

Here's a article that might help you: